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In January of 2022, Athari’s founders connected over a conversation about their experiences as people of color in competitive sectors. This conversation noted the lack of other qualified and diverse candidates that surrounded them and the long list of reasons they heard from employers and other industry leaders for not reaching diversity goals. At the time, our CEO, Hazel was an attorney for a large company; when she was hired, she was the first and only Black attorney hired in the company’s 75 years in business. 


The need to address this was glaring and our founders were eager to investigate. After examining the perception that there were insufficient numbers of qualified diverse candidates across all sectors and analyzing the market pool that exists, Athari was born.

We are a technology firm that is taking a holistic approach to building a more diverse and equitable workforce. We know that qualified candidates exist and we’re looking in all the right places to make placements that last and to build technology that closes the experience access gap.

There are solutions and we've found them. 

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